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The Headline Murders by David W. Rees (Word Association). Lawyer, investigator and author David Rees is fascinated by the masks ordinary people and predators wear in public. In The Headline Murders, his first novel, Mr. Rees asks what would happen if a man who does unspeakable things at the first opportunity also had enough money and charm to deflect suspicion. Could he get away with it for long? Mr. Rees pits Clifford Reavis, an unlikely private investigator against John Lee Simpson, a brilliant serial killer with very deep, very bloody pockets. Let's hope the killer isn't based on an actual Pittsburgh gazillionaire.

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David Rees has created a real page turner. However, there's so much more to this book than just the plot. This author definitely knows Pittsburgh, as well as the law and criminal investigation. The result is an absorbing story with a crime that is scary because it feels so real! Well done! - Leah Margerison

If you love a mystery; if you love a novel that moves the plot and story along through dialogue; if you love great characterization...then "The Headline Murders" is one read you do not want to miss! Written by David W. Rees of Pittsburgh (where the story begins and ends), this book bears testimony to Mr. Rees' background as an attorney, litigator, and investigator. HE KNOWS HIS STUFF!

This is unique in that from page one, the reader already knows who commits the crimes involved and who the next victim is. But it is the proving and catching him that makes this a real page-turner. And due to the subtlety of the author, there are hints along the way for other twists and turns to look for. When finishing that last page, you may be tempted to go back to the beginning, just to look for those clues.

The reader will also love the size of the print and the spacing of the paragraphs. - C. Stroup

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One of the best debut novels I've ever read. Interesting setting, unique characters and a beautifully written story that manages to be compelling and unpredictable from beginning to end. Brilliant stuff. - Anonymous