Author of The Headline Murders

Meet Reavis

Private investigator Clifford Reavis is described as "the unlikely investigator."

And unlikely he sure is. What he isn't is one who has ever earned any kind of belt. The black belt he does own he purchased to hang his Levis on. Nor is he young and strong, a former boxer, weightlifter or aging athlete. He has, however, learned to fall well. He's a bit clumsy and he's had to learn the art of falling to protect himself from breaking one of his mature bones.

Clifford Reavis is a tall man with little meat on his bones, a man who needs thick glasses to see and hearing aids to get the sounds that reach his ears right. Though clumsy, he is an excellent dancer who spends many a Sunday Night during the summer dancing to the doo wop sounds put down by disc jockeys like Jeff Allen at the Sand Castle, which sits within twenty feet from the shore of the Monongahela River. And he is always with a lovely woman, though he will not date one younger than fifty.

As The Headline Murders points out, Reavis got very rich the hard way. He has far more money than he needs because he needs little that money can buy. What he does have is a mind made for submitting the details and facts he gathers to the intuition he needs to bag a killer. And he will not quit until he completes that job. Quit or be murdered, that is.