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Chapter One - Continued

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Marsha never saw John Lee "Jackie" Simpson, who was even better looking than her fantasy man, but he saw her. Jackie had been in her condo since before she got home.

Months ago he'd found her spare key where she'd hidden it in a fake rock outside her back door and had it duplicated. Though he had been staying out of sight in the next room, her home office, he had smelled the marijuana and heard Marsha's moans. And he knew exactly what was going on.

This wasn't his first evening alone with Marsha LeGrange.

After he was sure consciousness had deserted her, Jackie moved into Marsha's bedroom and stood tall and erect over her, staring, imagining all that he would do to her when the time was right. Marsha LeGrange was driving him mad; his muscles and tendons were clenched to near snapping. She'd been doing this to him even before Boston.

What if she woke up? Part of him wished that she would. No problem; then he'd have to rape and kill her - sooner, unfortunately, rather than when he'd planned. Waiting to do it had been torment. What had kept him from her was one important event: He sorely needed one more part of his plan to fall into place.

When Marsha awakened the sheets were damp under her. She smiled knowingly. Another special evening. She rose, went to the bathroom, came back and set the alarm before letting sweet sleep come again. How nice everything was.

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