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It's not often that a first time author stikes gold, but Dave Rees's The Headline Murders is truly a rich read for mystery lovers everywhere. Set in Rees's hometown of Pittsburgh, The Headline Murders leads the reader on a fast paced mystery tour of the burg with stops in Arizona and California.

In The Headline Murders, you will meet Clifford Reavis: tall, skinny, thick glasses, clumsy, hearing aid in each ear, can't fight, and can't shoot straight. But a man with a national reputation for putting facts together to reach the conclusions he seeks.

While investigating another murder, Clifford Reavis concludes that there is a man somewhere in Pittsburgh who stalks, then rapes and murders one type of woman - beautiful, in her thirties, and well on her way towards the summit of her profession.

In the first chapter the reader meets not only the murderer's next victim, but also the killer whose needs are so strong that he can barely hold himself back from ending her life right now - after having his grotesque way with her. He can't let himself though. He needs one more piece to make his perfect puzzle. His next victim's name: Marsha LeGrange, successful young litigator. His: John Lee Simpson, highly educated, and rich beyond reason.

Clifford Reavis must learn whom Marsha is and the alias Simpson is using in Pittsburgh before he can hope to save her. Decades ago, he moved too late to save his wife's and unborn child's lives from the man who killed them. Those memories haunt him as - again - he must speed to save another woman over whom Death has already raised his hand.